• Who we are

    Who we are

TETRAKTYS CONCEPT MANAGEMENT is a strategic consulting firm specialized in transition management, consulting and support assignments with a focus on accelerating growth and transforming enterprises through innovation.

When our clients call on us, we apply our unique strategic management approach connecting up and unlocking synergies across all enterprise functions by establishing innovation as the driving force powering your expansion.

We consider ten key points, each of which accounts for an enterprise function or mission in the broad sense of the term.
In our vision of the enterprise, each, if done right, can be a tremendous business asset helping to drive a high level of collective performance, providing an attractive workplace for employees and creating value for shareholders.
All ten points should be understood and pursued in harmony with the values laid down in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Together with quality of life in the workplace, these values underpin all the activities of an enterprise and guide not only its approach to CSR but also its place within society.

  • The Tetraktys figure, with its nodes and links, holistically symbolizes the firm as a whole, living entity fed by all information systems and Business Intelligence.

    And now, explore the Tetraktys by pointing on each of the nodes !

  • Executive management:

    Executive management shapes the specific decision-making process (DMP) for the entire enterprise and those involved in it. It provides a vision and infuses energy from within, spurring everyone into action, marshaling internal forces, hearing arguments, and making decisions. It also serves as the point at which each individual’s contribution is recognized and cultivates a positive, compassionate approach.

  • Security:

    In today’s world, all enterprises need to have their own full-fledged security culture, and all senior executives are expected to keep their enterprise secure. Security means the physical security of employees in their daily work, psychological security shielding them from pressure and uncertainty, data security (private life) and information system security (protection and BRP).

  • Crisis and transformation:

    Today, it is essential to consider and plan ahead for crises. Knowing and understanding that crises can never be ruled out altogether and that an enterprise does not live forever, can help stakeholders to live with risk, to identify it, plan for it and to guard against it or take steps to maintain the enterprise’s resilience.

    Crises are a state of accelerated transformation, which occurs too rapidly for thorough prior preparation to be undertaken. In such circumstances, experience has shown that transition management can be a highly effective solution.

    This ongoing risk analysis is essential for the global leadership of the enterprise to unleash its potential to take action.

  • Management:

    A high-performing management team is a genuine asset for an enterprise. It can make a real difference in a volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) environment and amid fierce competition. Its credibility flows from its inclusivity and empathy. Management is a reflection of the corporate culture, without representing all of it (internal culture also consists of the sum total of individual behaviors and direct inter-relationships between all the employees).

    Management provides both the system and structure, as well as the energy bringing them to life. Each and every day, its role is to listen to and communicate with people. It plays a big part in ensuring a fair process and puts into practice Executive Management’s decision-making process.

  • Finance:

    An effective financial strategy will ultimately set an organization apart from its rivals and will dictate its ability to pursue the requisite pace of investments.

    We review finance with the goal of turning it into a finely tuned tool attuned to the enterprise’s strategic vision as it embraces digital technology and innovation.

  • Human capital:

    Human capital is the sum total of all specific and behavioral technical expertise (knowledge of internal processes and the DMP, experience curve, awareness of the market and products) and training received by all the Group members and giving it specific strengths. It is the wealth of experience gained, provided it is effectively shared and collectively analyzed during organized feedback sessions.

    It is also founded on employee dialog, which can make a major contribution to an enterprise’s overall human capital.

  • Brand strategy:

    Digital marketing has made it even more crucial to have a global brand strategy in place. If all employees become potential ambassadors, if customers are at last placed at the center of all internal processes (customer centricity), the brand strategy can become a tremendous differentiator and a fundamental asset, unleashing powerful gains internally and externally.

  • Communications:

    You cannot become a communicative enterprise “by decree”. It requires the right mindset across the enterprise, from top to bottom.

    Clear internal rules to ensure issues are addressed at the appropriate level can free up communication at each organizational tier or unit.

    DAmid the more rapid spread of fake news, taking steps to communicate clearly and rapidly is a major imperative for management in today’s world.

    It is essential to speak genuinely and from the heart. A communicative enterprise can lay the foundation for becoming a learning organization.

  • Information systems:

    Information systems form the backbone of any change. Their ability to manage, structure and generate information flows in a usable form by the various internal businesses is crucial for collective success. In the age of Big Data, the quality of queries from business units can help to unlock the true value of today’s larger and larger databases, but to harvest their full insights through fine-grained analysis still takes real smarts. The high productivity of information systems depends on the quality of inter-departmental communication, and thus management.

  • Innovation:

    At Tetraktys, we believe innovation is the most crucial of managerial tools and the most powerful way to get an entire organization to become forward-looking and ready for the future.

    It provides the driving force for leadership and management that give everyone a chance to have their say and listen to all voices, get people out of their silos and working together in sub-groups of employees from different departments—all too often they do not even know each other or are unaware of the constraints under which their counterparts have to work.

    Building the enterprise (or the products, processes) of the future together is, for everyone involved, probably the most thrilling and engaging task that an organization can ever engage in.

Our role is to introduce structural solutions (M&A, restructuring, etc.) to optimize all participants’ interests in complex environmentsor where there is very significant financial strain (ad hoc mandates with a deadline set by creditors).

Tetraktys Concept Management is rated “Excellent” in the category
“ Restructuring and troubled business – Chief Restructuring Officer “
by Magazine Decideurs in its 2020 – 2021 issue of the Guide
“Strategy, Reorganization and Restructuring”.
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  • Principal accomplishments

    Principal accomplishments

Financial transactions (all videos are French-spoken)

Hamleys – The acquisition in 2012 followed by the 2016 sale of the iconic London toy store brand

The acquisition or the major strategic leap


Optimizing franchisee management and
the supply chain


The sale, or the constraints of the crisis


Franz Carl Weber – Turnaround of the iconic Swiss toy brand

of Franz Carl Weber


CIAT (Compagnie Internationale André Trigano) – Three phases of the assignment (2016 – 2020)

Key goals


Phase 1: financial restructuring and key elements required for a turnaround


Phase 2: operational restructuring and refocusing


Phase 3: sale amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • Our missions

    Our missions

Tetraktys Concept Management is currently involved in or has implemented all the missions we outline below. Please contact us should you require further information.

Interim management (family governance or investment funds)

  • Executive management we provide executive leadership of small- or medium-sized companies to achieve growth or oversee a transformation.
  • Innovation division, Finance department, Group General Secretariat: we take over, strengthen, or establish these cross-functional units for your enterprise.
  • Management of complex national or international deals: we take the lead (or strengthen your team) with the aim of both making the deal a success and protecting the day-to-day operation of your enterprise.


  • Innovation: we implement a three-pronged innovation program (organization, processes, projects) for your enterprise, to deliver a positive impact on your bottom line and on management performance.
  • Synergies: we provide support for your acquisitions, helping to turn potential synergies into solid gains.
  • Corporate diplomacy: we help to foster an intercultural approach and advise you on managing relationships with your partners around the world.
  • Digitalization: we assist you with the digitalization of your enterprise, your digital marketing strategy and the development of approaches based on design thinking, customer centricity and business intelligence.

Client support

Tetraktys Concept Management helps senior executives with formally establishing the DNA of their enterprise, formulating their values, laying out their vision in terms of their mission and action plans, and making arrangements to unlock human and financial performance gains.

  • Coordination of innovation seminars for management bodies.
  • People-friendly executive coaching (Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, CFO, etc.) during the complex phases of their enterprise’s life.

Transition Management: vision, execution and outlook

First priorities

Give life back
to the firm


Taking control


First week priorities


Levers of change

Levers of change


Innovation at heart


Confidence and operating rules


Bring Brand and Client at heart


The key importance of social partners

Transition Manager outlook

and Osteopath


Face situations and be obsessed with success


Learned lessons
from missions


A transition manager happy and socially involved


We are in the era of managerial transition

  • What makes us unique

    What makes us unique

What makes us unique

Our unique approach puts innovation at the heart of your enterprise in a manner attuned to your DNA and your values. All the solutions we provide are bespoke: we never use the same processes or solutions twice because every situation is unique.

  • Our approach is primarily based on listening to, gaining an understanding of and analyzing your needs. Then we are rapidly able to formulate work priorities geared to your enterprise and to your timing imperatives.
  • The value we add on the critical path towards sustainable and profitable growth balancing human and financial considerations derives from our ability to get all your enterprise’s internal and external stakeholders on the same page and working alongside each other towards targets on the same timetable. The technical solutions we offer can then be rolled out smoothly. Without this prior stakeholder realignment, they may only provide a very short-term solution, or actually cause greater management entropy.
  • To entrench this original vision that has proven its effectiveness, we bring to bear our combined expertise in strategic thinking, leadership and high-performance management, active innovation, and finance.

An unconventional Manager

The key role of educational background

Break through the glass wall by capitalizing on learning and transformation


Acquire transversality
through continuous education


Long life education:
be the actor of his career development

An unconventional Manager

Career of Rudolph Hidalgo


Input of the practice
of martial arts

  • News


Thursday, May 27, 2021
Tetraktys Open, tournoi d’échec en ligne

Putting innovation and creativity at the heart of its approach, Tetraktys Concept Management invites you to participate in the Tetraktys Open, an online chess tournament organized on Sunday, June 6 at 4pm by Europe Echecs, a monthly magazine devoted to chess.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Monday, November 30, 2020

With the closing of the second asset disposal and a reverse carve-out ultimately resulting in the creation of three independent, coherent and debt-free entities, TETRAKTYS Concept Management finalizes its Transition Management mission with the CIAT Group

TETRAKTYS Concept Management, a strategic consulting firm carrying out transition management, consulting and support missions focused on turnaround, accelerating growth and transformation through innovation, today announced the closing of the sale of 22 campsites by CIAT (Compagnie Internationale André Trigano) to MS Vacances, a Vendean group specializing in high-end outdoor hotels in France.

TETRAKTYS Concept Management has acted as part of its transition management mission as the Chairman of the Holding of the CIAT Group.



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